E! NEWS || Drake’s Reportedly Ready To “Deal” With Pusha T Situation

Drake's Reportedly Ready To "Deal" With Pusha T Situation

Drake is war ready, according to Van Lathan.

At this point, everyone’s waiting on Drake’s next move in his beef with Pusha T. Last night, Push unleashed his scathing diss track, “The Story Of Adidon” which pretty much aimed shots at Drake and everyone associated with him. Many are wondering how Drake is going to come back at Pusha after “The Story Of Adidon” which ultimately exposed Drake’s roll out for his Adidas deal, his secret child and more. According to sources, it looks like Drake’s already cookin’ up something for King Push.

Drake is getting ready for verbal warfare with Pusha T, according to TMZ’s Van Lathan. He took to Twitter to reveal that Drake was ready to “deal with the situation.”

“Have it on an incredibly good source that Drake is about to “Deal With The Situation.”” He wrote on Twitter.



Have it on an incredibly good source that Drake is about to “Deal With The Situation.”

At this point, it’s unsure when we could expect Drake’s response but if he’s already working on it, there’s a good chance it’s coming soon.

Van Lathan’s tweet was retweeted by Stephen Dacres of SRD TV. Prior to Lathan’s tweet, Dacres wrote, “Oh wow Drake is prepared lmaoooo.” So it seems like there’s several people who might know what Drake has up his sleeve.

Stephen Dacres@SRDtv

Oh wow Drake is prepared lmaoooo

Despite this, it doesn’t seem like Pusha T is concerned with whatever rebuttal Drake has. He not only claims that he has more dirt on Aubrey but that nothing Drake can do can really affect him.

“I’mma tell y’all like this, I don’t got no skeletons. I don’t have any skeletons that are like.. nothin’,” he said to the Breakfast Club this a.m.

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