E! NEWS || Fans Speculate This Will Be Pusha T’s Next Move Against Drake

Fans Speculate This Will Be Pusha T's Next Move Against Drake

Could Pusha T be going full “Surgical Season” next?

Phoning into The Breakfast Club yesterday morning, Pusha T gave some insight on his Drake diss track “The Story of Adidon” and, while the claims Push is making are pretty clear-cut in the song, some aspects may have been looked over in favor of the juicier allegations. The Canadian artist noted on the show that he wasn’t necessarily finished with Drake and before we even hear his foe’s rebuttal, people are already making assumptions about where Push will head next. Before totally unleashing on Drizzy, Pusha mentions that “it’s about to be a surgical summer,” and some Twitter users believe that lyric will be in the spotlight next time.

If you’ve been tuning into Drake’s Instagram for the last while, you would notice he’s absolutely ripped as opposed to his physique of past years. With “surgical season” possibly in full effect, some fans believe that Pusha will take further shots, revealing an alleged procedure that Drake underwent to enhance his abs. When and if Drake decides to respond with a new diss track of his own, some fans think that Pusha will speak about a surgery that Drizzy went to the famed Dr. Miami for to have a six-pack put into his abdomen. While the proposed subject matter is simply a rumor, Push has gone the distance before, doing his dirty work to uncover a “secret child.”

While it is only fan speculation, check out what people are thinking could be next in store in the beef that everybody is speaking about.

KYLE A B@kyalbr

Good Morning,

Pusha’s diss ended with the slightly vague “surgical summer with it…snip snip snip.”

As self-appointed guardian and protector of Drake’s career, I have concluded that this is a wink at the rumors that Drake had Dr. Miami surgery to get abs.

If he has pics…

🐻Holy, Shit Balls, Holy, Shit Balls, SHIT‼️@BlvckDiesel_

Bitch I work my ass off in the gym, me and my dude (reason why we can’t get out of bed today🤦🏾‍♀️😂) and you mean to tell me that Dr. Miami was jamming to Drake music while giving him surgically enhanced abs?😂💀💀💀💀

First Born Frederiksteda, Mother of Stush@kailathecrucian

Drake’s entire glow up was sponsored by Dr. Miami. The jig…

That Blame Guy@ImToBlame

Please don’t let it be true Drake went to Dr. Miami to surgically get abs.



Push said this is Surgical Summer…

He ain’t already empty out the entire clip? What could possibly be left?!?! pic.twitter.com/OeyB6j5Sca

Jawnifer Maniston@VisionPoet

“snip snip snip”
“surgical summer”
“Peel it back, layer by layer”

He got them Dr. Miami photos of Drake?


Kanye getting lipsuction and Drake going to Dr Miami to get abs….

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