J. Lo Teases Cardi B Collab, Cardi’s Sister Blasted For Colorism Post

J. Lo sneaked a peak into her and Cardi B’s new collab. In the short video, J. Lo can be seen dancing to “Bodak Yellow”, then a quick preview of the song plays.

The song will be titled “Queiro Dinero”, and with J. Lo’s massive worldwide following and Cardi’s ever growing fanbase, it’s to be expected to hit the ground running.

In the meanwhile, Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Amara La Negra decided to take to The Breakfast Club to express her thoughts on the rapper’s success.

She feels that her complexion has afforded her some assistance with rising to the top…to which Cardi’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, quickly jumped to defend her sister against.

She reminded her in a long winded Instagram post that Cardi had to hustle, and hustle HARD to get where she is. She also reminded her that she had to strip just to get on, which in itself proves that her complexion didn’t help much.

“Okay I like her she’s obviously beautiful,” wrote Carolina. “This is the same message my sister has been trying to spread for a while now, but it doesn’t count because she’s not so dark? People f*** with Cardi because of who she is, not because she’s light skinned. I think that’s what Charlamagne was saying, a girl from her same country with her same hair in braids from the hood that had to become a stripper because it was hard for her to find a job BECAUSE IF [SIC] HER HAIR AND COLOR. […] We are woke and we’re fighting for the same rights girl.”

Amara then defended her own opinion in the comments section, stating that she always had love and support for Cardi, and that she feels Hennessy completely misunderstood her interview answers.

Fans started going in on Hennessy because they felt like she didn’t listen to the whole interview or comprehend it, and they felt like she was only going off because she heard Cardi’s name.

What’s next? Light skin versus Brown skin beef? We got to do better…, but colorism is very real, unfortunately.

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