REVIEW: 5 Things We Want From A$AP Rocky’s Next Album


Here are five things we want to hear on A$AP Rocky’s next album.
Since the release of his last studio album, A$AP Rocky seemed to fall back on releasing music in order to pursue other things. Whether its fashion, film or focusing on the other members of the A$AP Mob, Rocky’s presence in the rap game hasn’t been as prominent as of late. However, that’s all about to change in the near future. Rocky’s already been teasing his new album for months, if not for a year at this point, and he’s now getting ready to drop his third studio album.

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Everyone’s been waiting on the new Rocky album for a minute and it wasn’t until recently that we had any sort of updates on the project. This past weekend, he revealed the project was officially done at a show in Germany. Prior to that, he previewed a few songs and dropped a handful of demos to test the waters. “5ive $tar$,” “Above” and “Money Bag Freestyle” didn’t live up to the hype that he built. Many fans, including HNHH users, had mixed feelings about what he had to offer.

He’s kept the project under wraps with very scarce amount of information about it being revealed. Like every project from Rocky, he pushes the boundaries and introduces something new to the masses, whether it be a new artist or sounds he experiments with. However, his evolution as an artist distanced him from the style that created his appeal in the first place.

As he gears up to drop his third studio album, we’ve created a list of five things we hope to hear on A$AP Rocky’s upcoming project.

Collabs Wishlist

It’s almost been three years since Rocky released A.L.L.A and within that time, there’s been a lot of new artists that have entered the rap game. On his forthcoming project, we’d like to hear him come through with some solid collaborations. First off, we hope he has a ScHoolboy Q collaboration on the project. Q has always managed to drop highlight verses on Rocky’s project from “Brand New Guy” to “Electric Body.” Rocky’s previously stated that a Q feature is essential to his albums so it’s likely we’ll catch Q with a stand-out verse on the project.

Rocky’s sound has always had some sort of Southern influence to it but it hasn’t been as evident in his recent efforts as it was when he initially stepped out in the game. Hopefully on this project, he reconnects with some Southern emcees he’s worked with in the past such as UGK, or at least Bun B, Juicy J or Big K.R.I.T.

Rocky’s also who’s also had his ear to the streets and has a clear understanding of what’s popping right now. Hopefully, he comes through with features from cats from the younger generation. He’s previously worked with Quavo on “Raf” but we’d like to hear A$AP Rocky with all three members of the Migos on one track. It would also be interesting to hear him work with some of the bubbling underground artists like Ski Mask the Slump God, who was featured freestyling with Rocky on the lastest AWGE DVD.

Clam Casino Production

Clams Casino was the one person who was missing on At. Long. Last. A$AP. Casino produced five tracks off Rocky’s debut mixtape and each one of the songs still stands as some of the best tracks in Rocky’s catalog. He produced only two tracks on Long. Live. A$AP. and was no where to be spotted on his third project.

On Rocky’s new album, we hope that he recruited Clams Casino for production and he makes revisits the muddy, ethereal sounds he had on his first two projects.

Catchy Ass Banger Single

Rocky’s dropped three songs so far that are yet to be confirmed as part of his next album. However, what we really need to draw us in is a catchy ass banger to set the tone. On his last project, “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2” served as the introductory single. It was a banger but it didn’t have a broad appeal like “Goldie” did for his debut album.

Without a lead single for the project out yet, we hope he ushers in Jodye Flacko Season with a song that’s widely appealing and bangs simultaneously.

Return To Chopped & Screwed Sound

Rocky’s definitely distanced himself from the sound he initially came into the game with. While it’s not a bad thing and is part of his evolution as an artist, part of his initial appeal was the fact that he was a kid from Harlem with such a heavy influence from Houston and the south in general. As previously stated, the Southern influence in his music has faded over the course of his career but there’s still elements of it that are found throughout his music.

We’re hoping to see a return to that Southern, chopped & screwed influence that was prominent on Live. Love A$AP. Something that’s in the same vein as “Purple Swag,” “Trilla” or “Houston Old Head” while still being able to innovative.

A$AP Yams Appearance

A$AP Yams played a crucial role in the Mob’s success. Within Yams short time in the music industry, he had a major impact in hip hop culture. His untimely passing had an effect on everyone in the Mob and happened a few months before Rocky released his second studio album. Rocky ended up using a vocal sample of Yams to close out his album with. On Rocky’s next project, we hope he includes an unreleased Yams skit or vocal sample. Yams might not be here anymore but the Mob continues to carry his legacy. The inclusion of some Yams wisdom on Rocky’s next project could be the reminder that Rocky and co. wouldn’t be where they are at without Yams guidance.


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